My Florentine Experience

What I've been up to so far as an intern for We Like Tuscany...


Having been in Florence for one month now, I feel as if it is time I update you all on my experience thus far! I could not be happier with how my internship has been going with We Like Tuscany. Throughout my first month here, I've had the opportunity to go on various tours with different guides, meeting guests from all over the world, learning about other cultures, and expanding my knowledge of the tourism industry through this unique experience.

The cultural engagement I am receiving is above and beyond my expectations. So far, I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the Half Day Taste of Tuscany Tour, where I visited a marvelous Renaissance villa and got to try some traditional Tuscan cuisine and of course, wine.

During my time in the office, I help with the web marketing, specifically managing the Facebook page, Instagram account as well as travel sites such as Tripadvisor and Get Your Guide. Given my responsibilities, I have been able to build upon my skills as a marketer. 

In the days I'm not working, I've had the chance to explore Florence and what it has to offer, which has been very special! I've learned a lot about the city on the tours I've gone on as well as having the opportunity to explore the outskirts. Some of the workers at We Like Tuscany have given me local insights on good places eat and drink, which is nice to get off the tourists path.

The location of Florence has granted me the opportunity to take some exciting weekend trips and see more of Italy. So far, I've gone to the down to the Amalfi Coast, up to the mountains to Lago di Garda, and spent the day in Venice. Each experience has been unique and eye opening as I have had the chance to see many different parts of this beautiful country…I am excited to see where this next month takes me!


Christy Smith

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Life Abroad

Blog post by Jen McPherson about studying abroad and doing an internship. (October 4)

My Internship in Florence

Hello guys

My name is Celine Saravini, I am from Germany, Frankfurt and 20 years old. At this moment I am in Florence and I will be writing about my  experience about this beautiful city in Tuscany.

First I will tell you what  led me here...

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