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My Internship in Florence

A statue

Hello guys

My name is Celine Saravini, I am from Germany, Frankfurt and 20 years old. At this moment I am in Florence and I will be writing about my experience of this beautiful city in Tuscany.

First I will tell you what led me here…

I have always had the urge Frankfurt to leave, it was always the same and I got bored. After my Ib it was finally time, I was still not sure what I want to study, so I thought about doing an internship.

About the company Practigo I got an internship at the company We Like Tuscany. I want to explore another city and the culture, but also become more independent. I have never lived alone always with my Italian mom where there was always food when you come home. Just before my little adventure started, I was very nervous because I did not know what was going to happen to me. I was clear that the beginning would not be easy in a strange city alone.

Through the We Like Tuscany team, I felt directly at ease, I was received directly with open arms on my first day all were very friendly and helpful. In my first week as an Intern, I was able to go directly to the Fiat 500 Vintage Tour, at the company they call this tour an “Italian Quicky“, its so funny. The tour was breathtaking, you drive out of the city and drive into the countryside. The prospect has been as painted, especially I’ve never sat in a fiat 500 vintage before. My task areas as an intern is social media and marketing. I always had something to do, and I was not bored, partly I was even exhausted when I came home… But that’s life.

I have still occupied a tour it was the half day bike tour. At the beginning I have still torn large claims, because of that will be quite easy a bit of sport in the morning does not hurt anyone… I’m honest, I was about to leave the tour, but I have seen all customers how brave they were and viewed that I’m just totally unsporting. On the whole, I still had fun, especially when we had stopped at a wonderful villa where we had food and wine tasting.

Florence has many beautiful quarters, but my favorite is Santo Spirito, here are not so many tourists and you get a lot to know from the natives. My flat is located exactly in the quarter, also the shop of We Like Tuscany.

To conclude I can say Florence is a beautiful city with almost always nice weather, the cooperation with We Like Tuscany has made me very much fun and that I have become much more independent in the last 3 months.

When I think that I am in the next days back in my home I’m already a bit sad, as I’ve just entered here and have to leave. We Like Tuscany is a super company with very good team cohesion and all are so welcoming and friendly to everyone.

Moreover, the company offers tempting tours, the tour guides know not only the most beautiful views but also know a lot about the history of Florence.

This was a small insight into my last three months in Florence.

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