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Our guides

We Are Eager To Help You Have the Best Outdoor Experience in Tuscany!

Bill RIding in Tuscany since 1993

Hello! My name is Bill and I am the founder of We LIke Tuscany / I Bike Italy and the head of our wonderful guides. I was born in Mexico and moved to various parts of the U.S. growing up.

Extreme sports being my passion, I spent some of the best years surfing it up in the most beautiful remote islands.

Eventually, I moved to the amazing city of Florence to start my adventure: a new business of bike tours in the Chianti region.

In my free time, I’m either staying active or spending time with my six-year-old daughter; which can go hand in hand with each other! I look forward to showing you just how stunning this place is!

Andrea let's go have fun!

Hi, I’m Andrea! I was born and raised between the beautiful hills of Siena and seaside Tuscany, in a little lovely town called Castiglioncello.

I have a degree in communications and tourism, and I’ve always been traveling and doing lots of sports, from yoga to calisthenics, passing through cycling and running. I’m a tour leader and weekend office manager at We Like Tuscany, so it’s very likely one way or the other we’ll bump into each other, and it will be a pleasure!


Hello everybody! My name is Cosimo, like the first Grand Duke of Tuscany, but unfortunately, I am not a member of the Medici dynasty!
I was born and raised in Florence, and I have spent a couple of years abroad, working and studying in Berlin and in Havana. I have studied history and geography and I have worked for the University of Florence for a while. Tired of my office job, I have decided to join the wonderful Weliketuscany team, helping them in pursuing their holy mission: show the hidden gems of our incredible land to the coolest travelers!
What are you waiting for? Come to discover the real Tuscany with us!




Jacopo Get away from the crowds with me!

My name is Jacopo, I grew up in Bergamo and moved to Florence in 2013 to attend University.
Since then, I’m riding around the wonderful Tuscany hills. And yet, I’m here!

In 2018, I joined the fantastic We Like Tuscany team as a tour leader merging my passion with a salary. From that moment, I’ve been sharing our tradition with people from around the world and enjoying the exchange of diverse cultures.

When I’m not on a bike, I love playing the guitar, singing, writing, painting, traveling and last but not least, cooking the Italian dishes that my grandma taught me.

Hope to see you soon! Can’t wait to share a lovely ride and a couple glasses of Chianti with you!

Michelangelo Singing under the Tuscan sun

Hello, I’m Michelangelo, my parents named me after the ninja turtle 😉

I am originally from Florence and lived here all my life, always been passionate about arts and music.

Other than being a tour guide, I teach Italian in high school and basketball for kids.

I’m also a singer and I have my own band, La Canaglia, you can check us out here.

I’m looking forward to make new friends and join you for an adventure in my Tuscany!