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  • Besteller!
  • Great for families and couples!

A Tuscan Quickie – Vintage FIAT 500 2.5 hours tour

Our best seller Vintage FIAT 500 Tour: drive the legendary tiny car along small roads in Tuscany!

Quick Details

Since 1993 we promise:

no museums, no churches, no annoying crowds!

Adult (Must be 18+ years old)

Have a grand old time along tiny roads of the Tuscan Countryside on board of a ’60s FIAT 500

Our Italian Quickie starts by getting you introduced to your Vintage FIAT 500 by one of our friendly guides, to learn all the driving tricks and a bit of history.

Then we start driving to leave Florence and get to the top of San Miniato hill, where you will see the best panorama overlooking Florence, along with the ancient San Miniato church.

Here we take some time for exploration and to take some great photos with you and your Fiat 500 with the wonderful backdrop of Florence.

We then keep driving into the countryside to get into the heart of Tuscany, going through the most beautiful and hidden roads that only your FIAT 500 can fit. The scenic road leads us along olive groves, medieval castles, vineyards and hillside villa estates.

You will learn about olive oil and winemaking in the area from our trusted guide!

On the way back, we will stop at our favorite family-run “Pizzicagnolo”, a very authentic producer and reseller of local delicacies that is also a cafeteria. Here you’ll be able to taste some extra virgin olive oil produced by the owners and enjoy a good coffee, before driving back to Florence!

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