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Life Abroad – Part 1

Girl sitting in red Fiat 500 in Tuscany

Blog post by Marie McGann about studying abroad and interning (April 11, 2018)

Ciao! My name is Marie and I have been in Florence since the end of January. I am currently a junior at Fairfield University and attend school here at the Florence University of the Arts. I am a full-time student here and also an intern at We Like Tuscany as their marketing intern. The company offers a wide variety of tours throughout Florence and the Tuscan area. As an intern, I update the Facebook and Instagram page regularly with events, things to do, and places to visit, along with information regarding upcoming tours at We Like Tuscany. The research I do has helped me better understand and learn about the events occurring here in Florence.

The thought of interning, attending school with a full course load, and living in a foreign country seemed equally exciting and nerve-wracking to me. When I first arrived in Florence the city felt so big and I felt so small. As the days progressed I started getting more comfortable walking around. Now I never need to use my phone for directions. At We Like Tuscany, the staff has been nothing but welcoming to me. I even work side by side with another intern. It is nice to exchange our experiences as interns and our experiences in Florence.

When I am able to find some free time from school and my internship, I spend my time going out to eat at all the amazing restaurants. I have not had a bad meal since I have been here. I always make sure I leave room for some gelato. There is a little gelato shop right by my apartment. That is very convenient if I might say so myself. I also do my fair share of traveling since I have arrived. I have been to many famous European cities that I have always dreamed of visiting like Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and London.


I have even explored the beautiful sites and cities of Italy. I took the famous leaning picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, had a glass of wine in Chianti, threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, and rode in a gondola in Venice. My favorite place I have visited was definitely Budapest, Hungry. It was different than any other city I have ever been too. There is also such history there as well. In Budapest, I went to the famous Thermal Baths. As a former swimmer, I felt back at home floating around in the baths. They were also very warm just like a hot tub that warmed me right up considered how cold it is in Eastern Europe this time of year!

Overall, I am having a great time traveling, studying, interning, and eating here in Florence. It is such a great city and I am excited to see where my semester ends up taking me. There is so much to see and do I do not think I will ever get bored!


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