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Life Abroad – Part 2

Field in Italy

Final blog post by Marie McGann about studying and interning abroad (April 24, 2018)


As I sit back and reflect on my time here in Florence it is crazy to think it is coming to end. It feels like yesterday where I was packing my bags to start my exciting journey of studying abroad and interning here in Italy. As much as I look forward to being back at home with my family and friends, Italy will always have a piece of my heart.

My time at We Like Tuscany is coming to an end. I am so thankful for the experience to intern internationally. After this experience of working in the field of marketing and sales, I look forward to pursuing these areas in a future career. As someone who would classify me as an outgoing person, working in sales was a natural fit for me. After interning here I am certain that the career path is the path for me.

I am soaking up as much as the Tuscan sun as I possibly can. The weather has been a perfect 10 here in the last few weeks. My friends and I have been making sure to cross all the places we been dying to try off our list. One of the places that have been on my list since I arrived here was the Almafi Coast. This past weekend I finally was able to go. It was beautiful. I went to Positano, Capri, and Pompeii. Pompeii was like anything I have ever seen before. As someone who loved history, I loved learning about Pompeii.

Positano and Capri were picturesque beach towns. I have always been a beach lover, so the trip was perfect for me. I even grabbed myself of the famous handmade sandals from one of the many sandals shops. I can’t wait to show them off back at home this summer. I will be telling everyone I purchased them in Italy.

I only have a few weeks left here in Italy. I will be trying to eat all my favorite foods and soaking up as much as Florence as I possibly can. Italy will always have my heart and I will cherish my time here for the rest of my life.

To everyone at We Like Tuscany, I thank you for opening your office to me. My experience working with you was terrific and will always be something I remember. I am so happy I decided to come abroad to Florence, Italy, and intern here as well.

Grazie Mille for all you did for me!

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